Grin and Read It is a site devoted to stories that are personal, warm, witty and fun. 



We want to tell the good stories. There's enough drama in the world and enough people publishing their every thought via their status updates or blogs every minute of the day. Grin And Read It is different. We don't publish content incessantly and we don't write to create controversy or help a controversial topic have an extended life in the media. We write and publish stories that you can enjoy while having a cuppa or a coffee, or on the train on your daily commute or while sitting in the car while your kids are at training. We write stories that you'll want to share with your friends; stories that you can relate to; stories about life. We hope you like what you read here.

P.S. I wrote this all in the third person because it sounds better and makes it look like the site is really popular and employs a whole group of people. I can imagine them sitting down on their laptops in some chic workplace that's been converted from an old warehouse in the inner city. They wear comfortable clothing and drink coffee whilst dealing with the deluge of submissions from up and coming writers desperate to be on the site and requests from across the globe for me to appear at speaking engagements and the like. I am, of course, not involved in the day-to-day operations and spend my time between my favourite cafes and other places of interest writing, chatting and working on my memoir.